Instructions for the Google UrlShortener API Robots App Engine Sample

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Checkout Instructions

Prerequisites: install Java 6, Google App Engine, Mercurial, and Maven. You may need to set your JAVA_HOME .

cd [someDirectory]
hg clone google-api-java-client-samples
cd google-api-java-client-samples/urlshortener-robots-appengine-sample
mvn clean package

To enable logging of HTTP requests and responses (highly recommended when developing), please take a look at

Running and Deploying Your Application from the Command Line

To run your application locally on a development server:

mvn appengine:devserver

To deploy your application to

If this is the first time you are deploying your application to, you will to perform the following steps first.

If you've done the above, you can deploy at any time:

mvn appengine:update

If this is the first time you have run "update" on the project, a browser window will open prompting you to log in. Log in with the same Google account the app is registered with.

Setup Project in Eclipse

Prerequisites: install Eclipse, Google Plugin for Eclipse, and the Mercurial plugin.