Instructions for the TaskQueue V1Beta1 Command-Line Sample

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Prerequisites: install Java 6, Mercurial and Maven. You may need to set your JAVA_HOME .

cd [someDirectory]
hg clone google-api-java-client-samples
cd google-api-java-client-samples/shared/shared-sample-cmdline
cp ~/Downloads/client_secrets.json src/main/resources/client_secrets.json
mvn source:jar install
cd ../../taskqueue-cmdline-sample
mvn compile
mvn -q exec:java -Dexec.args="appName taskqueueName leaseSeconds numberOfTasksTobeLeased"


To enable logging of HTTP requests and responses (highly recommended when developing), please take a look at

Setup Project in Eclipse 3.5/3.6

Prerequisites: install Eclipse, the Mercurial plugin, and the Maven plugin.