Instructions for the Google Analytics API Command-Line Samples

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Register Your Application

Checkout Instructions

Prerequisites: install Java 6, Mercurial, and Maven. You may need to set your JAVA_HOME .

cd [someDirectory]
hg clone google-api-java-client-samples
cd google-api-java-client-samples/analytics-cmdline-sample
cp ~/Downloads/client_secrets.json src/main/resources/client_secrets.json
mvn compile
mvn -q exec:java

To enable logging of HTTP requests and responses (highly recommended when developing), please take a look at

Setup Project in Eclipse

Prerequisites: install Eclipse, the Mercurial plugin, and the Maven plugin.

Note: The default for this project is to run the HelloAnalyticsApiSample application. You can run the other samples by updating the pom.xml mainClass attribute for Maven or Right clicking the appropriate file in Eclipse.